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AGen Food Reviewer Solution is a feedback software design targeted for the kitchen management use. This is a digital tool that helps restaurants kitchen collect and analyse customer feedback specifically on the food. It goes beyond the traditional pen-and-paper surveys, providing a more convenient and efficient way for diners to share their thoughts about their experience after tested a specific food.

This feedback can be invaluable for restaurants kitchen specifically for multi chef organisation, as it can help the chef leader to understand more specifically on the individual chef skill, their food taste, presentation, and overall food quality.
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Benefits of using food reviewer software

Precision feedback: With the help of edikio food tag solution, now you can zoom specifically into individual dish presented to your customer. No longer overall feedback which you have not direction to improve your kitchen.
Collects more feedback: Digital surveys are easier and more convenient for food taster to complete than paper or verbal surveys, so you're more likely to get a higher response rate.
Gets real-time feedback: You can see feedback as it comes in, so you can address any issues immediately.
Analyzes feedback: AGen software can analyze the feedback you collect to identify trends and patterns. This can help you understand what your customers are saying, both positive and negative.
Improves operations: By understanding your customers' feedback, you can make changes to your food to improve the dining experience.
Boosts online reputation: Positive feedback can be shared among the chef and kitchen, which can help improve next preparation.
Investigate root cause: Bad feedback is more valuable than good feedback, management will easily improve from the bad feedback due to raw material or chef responsible?

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How to implement it?

Using Edikio printer to print out your food tag and place together display your food.
Duplicate 10-20 piece of same food tag and place at the side of the food.
Encourage your customers to bring along the food tag to their table while dining.
Encourage them to leave reviews by scanning thru their mobile phone after taking the food.
Give them small token of appreciation after they achieve certain amount of feedback.
Improvement action by chef leader on individual food.

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AGen Food taste feedback solutions empowered by Evolis Edikio card printer. Digitalized information for your chef.
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