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Is it possible to use a mobile phone to do stock take? The answer is yes now with Autotrack On Demand stock take.

With the advancement of mobile phone camera technology, Autotrack team now offers you the simple to use mobile phone stocktake module. Customers no longer need to invest into expensive mobile phones, they just need to use their existing mobile phone to complete this action.

To view the PC site stock take, visit

Visit Mobile site stock take

Now just take out your mobile phone from your pocket, scan the barcode on your product box. The stock take process is completed by just key in the available stock quantity in your store. This simple to use and implement application no longer required users to install completed applications into their mobile phone, and the application worked with most of the available mobile phones in the market. Thanks for advancing your mobile phone camera today. The decoding of barcodes becomes as fast as a mobile computer.

Call our sales agent today for a demo on how to use a mobile phone to do stock take.
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28/Sep/2021IconDo you know that you can use your own mobile phone to do stock take in your store? no longer need to invest in expensive mobile scanner.
26/Aug/2021IconAutotrack On Demand Stock Take help one of the entertainment company in Malaysia manage their stock daily.
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24/Jun/2021IconAutotrack after sales support and maintenance services offered by ALC to our customers. Make your tracking process peach of mind.
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