Barcode Tracking

With the changing warehouse environment, shifting customer requirement from time to time, customer unpredicted expectations and delivery practices increase the demand for warehouse management. Managing warehouse becomes more and more challenging for today warehouse operator. Interfacing with today organization ERP is the prerequisite for warehouse operator, online data is a must. Based on our experience on warehouse and barcode technology, we born a solution: “Autotrack“ the name given to the today barcode tracking solution. Autotrack is design and develop base on barcode and web-based technology for item inventory control from SME to enterprise sized warehouse. Autotrack is being design to interface seamlessly with most of the exiting market ERP solution or accounting solution via approved direct database link. Thanks for Autotrack Datacomm software, it flexible design to be an interface bridge in between Autotrack software and exiting market ERP solution. Autotrack build in report designer allow support staff to customize their own report base on time to time basis and export to various format data file. Autotrack use to track item with serial number and item without serial number. It use with multi bin / rack as well as multi store location. Autotrack come with scan and print function to allow user seamlessly process their order with label printing. User customizable caption allow user to customized own menu caption and shortcut for different language user. The flexible store procedure design in a way for integrates with majority of data capturing devices in the warehouse and production flow. We practice a solution, tracking item with eyes closed. Meaning we try to design a system where by the automation should be fully responsible on the tracking and human is just a direct center.

import and print barcode
scan and print barcode
scan and track
scan and loan
scan and return
supplier tracking
customer tracking
staff tracking with barcode
Time tracking with barcode

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