Hotel Feedback Solution
The Agen Hotel Feedback Solution (HFS) integrates QR Code technology with an online platform, enabling individuals to submit feedback, complaints, or grievances about their hotel stay. This feedback portals are established in order for the hotel to facilitate streamlined collection and resolution of customer concerns. Guests can easily scan the QR Code placed in their individual room, facility, or various locations within the hotel using their mobile phones to provide feedback to the hotel management.
User-Friendly: AGen HFS design with the concept of easy-to-use online platform where individuals can submit their complaints or feedback using their mobile phone. By just scanning on the QRCode sticked by the hotel operator at their premises.
Categorization: The ability to categorize complaints based on the room, facility, food, service etc. Hotel owner can just simply get their report by daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Tracking and Monitoring: AGen HFS allow hotel owner to continuous to track and monitor the status of complaints, allowing both and the Hotel owner to follow up on individual complaint case until it close.
Communication: with the designated page, Hotel management can make sure that the follow up communication can be done easily with the maintenance or housekeeping department to make sure the complaint is performed perfectly.
Anonymity: AGen HFS allow hotel owner to decide they would like to have the users to submit complaints anonymously to encourage more candid feedback or the user must enter their name or contact during the feedback process.
Data Analysis: The ability to analyse and report on complaint data to identify trends, common issues, and areas for improvement. After the complaint read by the hotel owner, they have the flexibility to category the feedback based on the category’s setup by them.
Hotel Feedback Solution (HFS) portals can be valuable tools for Hotel who would like to enhance customer satisfaction, improve products or services, and address issues promptly. They demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability in handling customer feedback.